Featured in Global Young Executive!

I’m being featured in a UK-based online business magazine, Global Young Executive!! It’s not out yet, but when they post it I’ll let you know! I’ll be featured under their new series Bright Young Things. I’m feeling thankful for opportunity and happy to be spreading my online wings more and more! I encourage any entrepreneurs and students considering taking the jump into starting your own business to take a look at the magazine. They give some great insight and it’s always nice to know there are others pursuing similar passions all around the world.

Happy Friday cuties!

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the Lifestyle Newsletter

Some of you may have noticed by now that I’ve changed the header for the blog. Indeed, I have decided that a Monthly Newsletter is for me and probably best for you! Now you will be able to get an email with a clean and beautiful newsletter straight to your inbox!! How much easier could it be to get the content you love in a consistent and easy fashion? Yup, I know what you’re thinking.. It’s about time!

As I gather up my thoughts on execution of the Lifestyle Newsletter, please feel free to START SIGNING UP in the subscription form right over there —> in the sidebar. Obviously the closer I get to releasing the first newsletter the more you will hear about it everywhere!! Most importantly if you have yet to follow on Instagram and Twitter, I encourage you to do so now, to make sure you are the first to hear the updates.

It means the world to me to have you guys, my blog family. When ‘Business Law’ and ‘Principles of Marketing’ have me in the library until the wee hours, I love thinking that I’m working towards a bigger, more significant goal than simply getting As in classes. I think about you all, the ones who are following along while I build my career through lots of dedication. Opportunities somehow show up on our doorstep when we least expect them to and as entrepreneurs we need to know how to create value from those opportunities. 

That is all for tonight, my friends, I do hope you’re having a fabulous week!

Happy Hump Day, get humping! haha
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It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, what comes after is truly the challenge

Hi beautifuls!

As you may or may not know, I’ve started my business, finally!! It’s so exciting to me what I’m able to create and do with my days.. BUT it’s so easy for me to get overwhelmed. I compare my beginning to everyone else’s middle and it gets to me!

There is so much I wanna do, and do it quickly but there are only 24 hours in a day.. people, you can’t do everything as much as those Beyonce mugs try to convince you! She has a WHOLE TEAM to help her achieve who she is. I want to add so many more products, I want to host events and do collaborations with other talented creatives, and then I remember I have an exam next week that I haven’t even started preparing for… heck I haven’t even picked up the textbook.. It’s college I get it, I’m supposed to struggle and I am loving the whole experience from start to finish I have loved my trials and errors, but nonetheless, I want to do more. I expect more from ME. Anyone else feel the same way? Bouncing back from those feelings and getting back to work is the hardest part.

So I’ve been thinking about changing up the blog.. drastically actually.. I am considering sending out a monthly newsletter versus daily posting (at least that’s what I strive for!). It will be better in the long run, I think, I want to be able to give you all great content on a consistent basis because I can see you all are still checking back and looking for me to post new content. Content which I sadly can’t keep up with right now. Please tell me what you think! I’m all ears!

P.S If you haven’t seen the shop you can find it at www.EastandMia.com and follow for more on Twitter and Instagram!!

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Around here lately..

Lately I haven’t had time to take a breather and write for you all, which makes me sad. So here are a few pics and updates of the fun I’ve been having.
Love you guys, thanks for sticking around and reading!

—Coming soon—

I am throwing a mini LAUNCH PARTY BBQ on a budget.. calling it BEER WINGS GUAC… be sure to look for that post in the upcoming weeks I know you will love it. Not sure what’s launching? Don’t worry girlfriend, here is the scoop! And here are the links you NEED to know about and follow !! |Online Shop, Twitter, Instagram|

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Also, I’ll start giving you even more sneak peeks of our new place. YES, before and afters of RADICAL RENTERS!! <– I’m looking to get on Apartment Therapy, fingers crossed!

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We need a pressure washer! Desperately.

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I weirdly woke up at 5 am this morning and instead of just laying in bed decided to for a run on campus, and bake blueberry and chocolate chip muffins!

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