I welcome you to our growing family of readers and do hope you are here to stay! In my studio I write about my life with my love JT, our home & DIY projects; but we are stuck in a no-major-renovations-allowed place (aka Rentals). My hopes of having subway tile in my kitchen are far from present but stick around long enough & you might see my home visions come to life!! I also post the foods we love (I make a mean chocolate bread pudding), my travels (mostly Miami and antique shops), other adventures and life’s simple, little pleasures. I was raised in Honduras so don’t be surprised if you see Latin food recipes or a little Spanglish here and there. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, but my biggest endeavor is the growth of my personal brand and online shop East + Mia!

The blog has evolved into ‘the Lifestyle Newsletter’, a monthly newsletter where I offer inspiring and refreshing content on all sorts of current topics for the – EAST + MIA woman – I write for the strong, darling and creative women of today; some are in college and some are already pursuing their dreams but all of them love a pretty and simple lifestyle. The EAST + MIA woman loves a great meal with great company. Hope you’ll join me in conversation, friend. 

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  1. Hello Darling. I just want to tell you that you’re doing an awesome job! I absolutely love your blog and Good luck with everything. If I visit florida one of these days I won’t hesitate to call you. Happy New Year.

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