(EAST + MIA) First product check was printed today!

Today I received the first product check for East + Mia !!!! I could not be more thrilled. Everything is really  happening. My business, my brand is growing and being nurtured with love and care everyday. I’m gonna keep working and I can’t wait to show you guys the FIRST LOOK at product!! Keep in mind that I’m still looking for collaborators and fun projects even though things are kinda crazy!

Take care everyone! Hope you had a great Monday!!


Shopaholic Post!

So I’ve been working my ass off lately, hence, the lack of blog posts. With my new business and getting it ready for launch day & T and I are t-minus 2 weeks from move in day & I’m sick!! More announcements will come about East + Mia, don’t worry, you will be in the know. ;) So in my free time or my can’t-sleep-time (time you waste while you’re trying to fall asleep) I’ve ended up on Pinterest; something that after my blog kicked up I kind of left out of my day. Well maybe I was getting a bit bored of it and became an Insta addict. Anyways, I’ve found some really great outfit inspiration on Pinterest lately that I wanted to share!
AND… OMG SHAKIRA IS PREGO, I’ll look forward to a couple posts on Shakira in the future!

In lieu of an outfit post, I’d like to say if any of you ever win the lottery please share with me so I can buy a bunch of pretty clothes and blog all about them haha!
Well my ladies, have a great weekend I probably won’t get another post in this week.. Love all you gals who keep coming back to read!! Thank you so much!



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striped dress casual



cara delevigne red carpet model in black and white



blue beach hat floral pants casual outfit


GUCCI jumpsuit black jumpsuit classy night out outfit

GUCCI netaporter.com

I am becoming a business owner!

thoughts for a new business owner

Excitement is rushing through me and I’m struggling to keep it together I just wanna share every detail with you. Btw.. I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you all… but I had to do what I had to do… soon my blog will jump back up into priorities, promise. You know with launching my first business and all I have had to use my time wisely! Every ounce of this excitement is thanks to you.. I thank you all for reading for your feedback and support! If it were not for this blog I’m not sure I’d have the guts to go through with putting myself and my ideas and designs out there for the world to see and hopefully BUY!

Soon you will start to hear a lot about this new baby of mine! I hope I’m not building up too much anticipation… the U.S team already tried to give us a heart attack. I think that’s good for today.



It’s Father’s Day!!

Time to give your dad a big ‘ol hug and tell him you love him-for putting up with you as a teenager and for supporting you through your career troubles when you can’t pay your phone bill…yup. Well, here is a little gift guide in case you haven’t gotten him a gift! Hope you all have a great day if you get to spend it with your dads. & happy father’s day to all the dads in the world.




Wednesday Wisdom

WW-give-it-time- Every day I’m practicing to give my goals, my life, and any obstacles… time. Your thoughts are powerful and controllable- remember that!
I also wanted to thank all of you for your endless support, for reading and keeping me writing, for following on Instagram, for ALL the things I never thought possible!! Blogging has become such a special part of my life and has inspired me to pursue many things and I am so happy that you are a part of it as a reader. (even if I don’t know most of you personally!) I appreciate every single one of you.

Happy humpday everyone!



Living in a college town

Hey ladies & gents!

So when we were out last night, Tirso and I + our friends decided a nature adventure sounded like a good idea for our Saturday! It’s been a great, active Saturday!
We went to La Chua Trails. The place to go if you want to run into 10ft+ gators and get awesome pictures of birds, flowers, and well big ass gators. We were hoping to see more gators but we didn’t go at the prime time for gator watching. We ended up seeing 4 gators, a beheaded coiled up snake, and the cutest groups of wild horses. (think Flicka) All in all it’s been a sweaty, my-legs-are-sore, but I loved getting out to breathe some fresh, clean air kind of day. Here is a little sneak peek! I’ll make a separate post for the others-look for it next week.

La Chua Trails June 2014-27 | Graciamaria Studio La Chua Trails June 2014-3 | Graciamaria Studio La Chua Trails June 2014-83 | Graciamaria Studio La Chua Trails June 2014-50 | Graciamaria Studio

(Btw this trail can def be a romantic day if you’re not allergic to getting sweaty!)

And being the family-like group of friends that we are… we added family dinner to our to-do list for today.
Showers, grocery stop, and dinner on the stove… iced tea, drinks and beer… we’ve got FIFA going right now (USA/Nigeria game is on halftime)… and I am enjoying every bit of this beautiful life I have.

All of this home-lovin’ has me thinking about us moving closer to campus!! Ah I’m so thrilled for our move in July. It’s been a long wait but the wait is coming to an end!
I think the best way  to really get 100% from your years in college is to make your campus, your apartment, YOUR LIFE in college truly your home. I’ve been on both ends of this spectrum. I hated a lot of things about living in a dorm at Syracuse University. It was cold 80% of the fall and spring semesters, I couldn’t cook in dorms, and the dining hall was less than pleasant most days. I did love my friends, though, that and my extracurricular activity (only dancing for Raices was worth the walks in the freezing weather). So I transferred to UF, and now I have made Gainesville my home and life. And even if I leave after I finish my undergraduate, I will always remember my years here as some of the best years of my life.

So, how have you made your college town your home? Do you agree with my make-it-home theory? Do you guys want to know more about my transferring?


Hello darlings… #workout

Although it feels great to be back home from Miami and Tampa, I’ve literally been tackling To Do Lists non-stop! It’s been kinda exhausting but I shouldn’t complain because I’ve enjoyed all my to-dos. I’ve been job hunting, devising plans for my career (working on something exciting!), got really sick for about a week, and then got better just to get sick again. And most exciting of all, I’ve finally really committed to getting back into shape!

It feels great to put that in writing. Now I’m held accountable by all of you. See the truth is over the last 2 years I’ve gained almost 15 lbs. (#freshman15) but I gained most of it in the last year. So if you have been teeter tattering about your commitment to the sweat message me and I’ll be your workout buddy if you need one! I made the commitment to work out 30 minutes to an hour, no-slacking, great, sweaty workouts, Monday through Friday. I like rewarding myself on the weekend and it gives my body the rest it needs after staying strong all week. I stopped eating junk food for the most part. Ice cream and pizza are now exclusive rewards and motivators not my casual snacks. “Make every workout count” is my motto. 

Best of all I feel proud that I have stayed disciplined! I added a supplement from GNC last Friday that I’m pretty excited about. Its called a very intimidating Women’s Ripped Vitapak (trademark by GNC)* but I really feel much more energized and though all the fish oil and vitamins has taken my body by surprise I feel great! It’s kinda pricey but I trust the GNC associate and testimonials about the effectiveness of this supplement. It has a water-balancing pill to reduce water weight, a CLA pill that targets stored fat, a pill that enhances energy and helps with metabolism, and a biotin pill for hair, skin and nails.

Although results are yet to come and the extra pounds are still there, this is the start of a healthier, more athletic lifestyle for me and I wanted to share with you in hopes that maybe you will take the leap and commit to your fitness goal. Remember: being healthy is your responsibility nobody can do it for you. KEYWORD is HEALTHY!
Let’s COMMIT to our workouts together! Can you relate to my struggle with actually getting to the point where you are motivated on your own to truly take responsibility for your fitness?

Well I’ve enjoyed this little chat! Happy Wednesday beautifuls!!



* This post is not sponsored and I am getting no compensation for mentioning merchandise. I am genuinely and simply giving my opinion and that is all.